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What is AuxiCare?

It is difficult to describe AuxiCare without experiencing it.  Imagine a treatment approach and cirriculum that incorporated your entire life in relation to addiction.  Your DNA, your medical history, your family, your goals and dreams, your thoughts and attitude about yourself and your relationship in the world.  It is a completely individualized plan for you alone, yet incorporates therapies and treatment evidence-based and proven to help in treating addiction.


The name "AuxiCare" comes from a combination of the latin word "auxilium" meaning "assistance" and the term "Health Care" which relates to taking care of ourselves.  Literally, AuxiCare means "TO ASSIST YOU TO BE HEALTHY".



  • Clients have individualized programs based on their assessments, strengths and interests.

  • Clients are not victims but taught to overcome any obstacle they must to succeed.

  • Treatment is empowering and pleasurable to do.

  • Individualized Counseling addresses your needs.

  • Focused Group Therapy is enlightening.

  • Success is considered attainable for anyone.  Mistakes are addressed quickly to get back on track.

  • Excellent follow up and aftercare planned and integrated into treatment from the beginning.



  • Everyone does the same treatment program.

  • A client is considered a "victim to their disease".

  • Treatment is generally difficult and not enjoyable.

  • Individualized Counseling tries to diagnose you and fit you into a box to then treat a condition.

  • Group Therapy can be depressing and less than inspiring.

  • People assume you are going to fail because those are the statistics.

  • Poor follow up.

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