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AuxiCare employs one or all of the following evidence-based methods to treat addiction:

Assessments and Treatment Planning - Success starts from Day 1 with correct assessments and attainable goals set.

Necessary Medical Treatment - Detoxification and Residential Care to allow a stable withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Assisting the addict in becoming more aware of their role in their environment.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy - Journaling and Reflection that helps stabilize and support positive thoughts and actions.

Individualized One-on-One Counseling Sessions - A certified professional will help address individual issues.

Focused Group Therapy that Empowers People - Non-Judgemental groups help reinforce healthy living.

Complementary Methods - Proper Nutrition and Exercise, Sober Living, Life Planning, Vocational Training, Social Skills and more help complement the medical treatment for a well-rounded approach to overcoming addiction.

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